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  • Nathan Caraway

    Nathan Caraway Worshipful Master, Marion Lodge #6, 2018 Nathan Caraway was raised at Marion lodge #6 with some of the most incredible mentors in the Art.  “It is amazing the depth of the knowledge and the desire to be accurate in what we do here at Marion #6.   History and the Arts are so important […]

  • Cliff Haynes

    Cliff Haynes, PM Tyler, Marion Lodge #6, 2020 Cliff was introduced to Masonry while living in Utah by his friend Andrew Hall.  He was initiated into Rocky Mountain Lodge #11 in Tooele, Utah, January 14, 2012, passed October 19, 2012, and raised May 25, 2013.  In Utah, new members are required to memorize and recite […]

  • Jamie Johnson

    Jamie Johnson, PM Secretary, Marion Lodge #6, 2020 Brother Jamie Johnson was born August 7th, 1960 in Parry Sound, Ontario Canada and was raised in Marion Lodge No.6 on June 25th 2011.  Jamie served 16 years in the Royal Canadian Air Force before moving to Marion, Iowa in 1997. Brother Jamie serves on several committees […]

  • Mark Cline

    Mark Cline Tyler, Marion Lodge #6 2017 Brother Mark Cline was raised in Marion Lodge #6 in November of 2011.  Brother Mark serves on several committees at Marion Lodge #6 and is a member of the Public School Support Committee for the Grand Lodge of Iowa, helping select a deserving educator for the Iowa Masonic […]

  • Mike Moseley, Webmaster

    Mike Moseley, PM 1988 Webmaster, Marion Lodge #6 Brother Mike Moseley was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1948.  Mike’s father (also a Mason) was in the United States Air Force stationed in Japan and thus began his travels as a military brat.  From Japan he moved to Washington D.C. when his father was stationed at […]

  • Kyle Martin

    Kyle Martin, PM Secretary, Marion Lodge #6, 2022 Brother Kyle Martin was raised in Marion Lodge #6 in August of 2003 by his grandfather along with Grand Master Clifford Godsey (2002-2003).  Brother Kyle serves on various committees and is Treasurer for the Marion #6 Foundation Scholarship.  Brother Kyle was active as a youth in the […]