Category: Activities

  • Russell Royce

    I am a fairly new Mason, having been raised in 2019.  However, I have jumped in with both feet.  I currently serve the lodge as Trustee and Junior Steward.  I am also the current president of Cedar Rapids High Twelve #7 and 1st Vice President of the North Central Association of High Twelve Clubs. After […]

  • Jason Streit

    Jason Streit, PM Tyler, Marion Lodge #6, 2022 Jason Streit was raised in Winter Park Lodge #239 F&AM in Winter Park Fl in 2009.  After being active in Florida Masonry for several years he moved to Iowa in 2017 and affiliated with Marion Lodge #6 shortly thereafter.  Since affiliating Jason has gotten involved with various […]

  • Dustin Smart

    Dustin Smart Worshipful Master, Marion Lodge #6, 2022 Dustin was raised in Marion Lodge #6 in January 2016 and has held the offices of Senior Steward, Junior & Senior Deacon and Junior & Senior Warden.  He is also a member of El Kahir Shrine, where he serves on the Public Relations Committee.  Recently, Dustin participated in […]

  • Craig Elliott

    Craig Elliott Senior Warden, Marion Lodge #6, 2022 Craig was born in Willmar, Minnesota.  He completed his primary education in Willmar and in 1973 moved to Iowa and graduated from Buena Vista College with a BA Economics. Craig has been around Masonry since childhood.  His father was a long-time active Mason and Shriner and introduced […]

  • Chris Flynn

    Christopher “C.J.” Flynn Chaplain, Marion Lodge #6, 2022 Ever since he learned to read, books have been C.J.’s greatest resource, opening up a world of knowledge that he continues to pursue.  History and philosophy were two topics of great interest to him.  While studying these, he discovered the Masons, and he wanted to know more.  […]

  • Ben Feltes

    Benjamin J.R. Feltes Senior Steward, Marion Lodge #6, 2021 Ben was born in 1993 and raised in the Cedar Rapids/Hiawatha area.  He graduated from John F. Kennedy High School class in 2012 and then went on to Eastern Illinois University on a scholarship and played four years of NCAA Division 1 soccer for the Panthers.  […]

  • Radu Denghel

    Radu Denghel Junior Warden, Marion Lodge #6, 2022 Radu was born on December 22, 1975 in Transylvania.  He believes that the vampires do not exist because he didn’t see any vampires while living in Transylvania and he lived there for a little bit over 200 years. He was raised in Marion Lodge No. 6 on […]

  • Don Boland

    Don Boland Treasurer, Marion Lodge #6, 2022 Don is a 50 year Lodge & Scottish Rite Mason having been raised in Crescent Lodge #25.   And, almost a 50 year Shriner.  With the encouragement of Brother Moseley, he became affiliated with Marion #6.  One of Don’s Masonic highlights was being made a Master Mason by his […]

  • Ken Manley

    Ken Manley Senior Deacon, Marion Lodge #6, 2022 Ken originally hails from Texas and has been living in Iowa since 2014.  He is a Vietnam Veteran and served 10 years in the US Army.  The vast majority of his adult life has been spent in various roles within the Aerospace and Defense industry including stints […]

  • John Hanson

    John Lawrence Hanson, PM Tyler, Marion Lodge #6, 2021 John Lawrence Hanson is a Wisconsin native and has been a Master Mason since 1998.  Brother John earned his Three Degrees of Masonry through Tomah Lodge No. 132, Tomah, Wisconsin. He has been a teacher at Linn-Mar High School for 20 years during which he earned […]